Raspberry Pi FAQ

Why is the MicroSD card only 56MB?

Raspbian and many other Raspberry Pi operating systems uses a two partition system with only the first partition readable/mountable by Windows. The second partition is hidden in Windows.

First Partition:

  • Usually 50-200MB in size
  • Formatted as FAT32 filesystem
  • Holds boot files

Second Partition:

  • Usually the remainder of the MicroSD card
  • Formatted as Linux ext3/4 filesystem which Windows cannot read.
  • Holds the operating system files

To see the full size of a MicroSD card in Windows, open Disk Management Utility by running diskmgmt.msc. Windows does not include a filesystem driver to read and write to ext3/4 partitions.

If you need to change the operating system image to a new one, we recommend following the operating system flashing guide.

Why is there no video?

The Raspberry Pi requires a few things to get started.

  • Pre-Imaged MicroSD card
  • 5V 1A or higher current MicroUSB power source
  • HDMI or CVBS or Raspberry Pi 7" DSI Display
    • HDMI requires a device capable of autonegotiation. If you get no signal, you may need to increase hdmi_boost in config.txt on the MicroSD card or manually set the HDMI mode.
    • TRRS jack on the Raspberry Pi for CVBS requires the poles on the breakout cable to follow a specific standard.
    • Raspberry Pi 7" DSI Display requires that you have Raspbian fully installed on the MicroSD card with an appropriate kernel. NOOBS will show only a blank screen and will not show any video.

If the Red LED on the Raspberry Pi blinks or turns off at any time after you connect the MicroUSB power, your power supply is probably inadequate for the amount of current the device is using. There are a lot of power supplies on the market that cannot maintain the minimum voltage of 4.65V during dynamic current loads.

How do I install Kodi?

If you would like to install the Kodi that is maintained by the Raspbian team, simply type ‘sudo apt-get install kodi’ into a terminal.
We also recommend re-flashing the MicroSD card with OSMC or OpenELEC if you plan only to use Kodi.

How do I transfer ROMs for RetroPie?

External: Transferring ROMs

How do I get sound working?

Please see the eLinux advance troubleshooting guide.


HDMI has two modes of operation: CEA and DMT. CEA mode was created for consumer electronics and includes audio capabilities while DMT mode was created for computer displays and does not include audio capabilities.

3.5mm Jack

There are numerous TRRS standards so you must be using the correct cable in order to get sound to work. Using the incorrect cable can result in non or partially working audio. Also make sure that analog audio is enabled.

What is the difference between the UK and PRC manufactured Raspberry Pi boards?

All parts used to build the Raspberry Pi boards are vetted by the Raspberry Pi Foundation for consistency and quality. The boards are manufactured by Sony in the UK and Embest Technology in PRC for supply and logistical reasons. Most of the components are the same but there is slight differences in the PCB, connectors, and passive electrical components. The Sony UK manufactured board PCBs have a HASL finish while the PRC manufactured PCBs have a ENIG finish, which has greater longevity.

What is the default username and password of the NOOBS/Raspbian image?

Username: pi
Password: raspberry