Nexbox FAQ

Why is the language is switching to Korean/Chinese/Japanese/Asian Text?

The language is Korean. The root of the issue is a bug in the implementation of some smart TV's firmware code. HDMI has a standard called CEC or Consumer Electronics Control. This standard allows TVs to control boxes that are connected to it via HDMI. The defective TVs send a signal to switch the language of the connected device to match the TV's. Many LG TVs suffer from this defect and we recommend that you contact your TV manufacturer about this issue. Turning off HDMI CEC features sometimes help reduce or eliminate the occurrence of this issue. HDMI CEC have many different trade names and you can find a list of these trade names on this Wikipedia page.

Why is the picture very dark?

There is a firmware bug in the code that runs on the hardware. A temporary workaround by playing the video test file on the box using the default video player. Playing the file for one second will resolve the issue until the next reboot (the fix still works after standby). There is an update released in May 2017. If you are on the latest firmware and it still has this issue, please let us know.

How do I watch paid content for free?

Many sellers of Android TV boxes include addons or software that provides free access to paid content, which not legal in many jurisdictions and their use may have legal repercussions. They may be based on torrent/peer to peer technologies to distribute unlicensed content. We do not include such modifications and we do not recommend their use as you may be legally liable.

What is TVMC?

TVMC is a modified version of Kodi with software adjustments to playback video and audio correctly and more smoothly. It is based on the latest stable version of Kodi with modifications to ensure that you get the best out of box experience.

How do I install the latest version of Kodi?

Please uninstall TVMC and Kodi first. Then install Kodi from the Google Play Store. Please note that the Kodi from the Google Play Store may not have all of the proper adjustments for perfect playback on your device.