Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC

A single board computer based on ALL-H3-CC H3 variant

Getting Started

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC H3 variant
Libre Computer ALL-H3-CC H3 Specifications
Getting Started Guide for AML-S905X, from Libre Computer Project (Google Doc) Also applies to ALL-H3-CC variants!
Getting Started with ALL-H3-CC H3 specific information

Computer image downloads

Libre Computer, ALL-H3-CC
Libre Computer, ALL-H3-CC latest Ubuntu images
armbian Debian and Ubuntu: []

Image Flashing (same as RPi, but use images for this device)

Image Flashing Installations

Case Installation (same as RPi3)




LoveRPi forum, Libre Computer Project
armbian forum


Raspberry Pi sites

These links are here to point you to sites that have hats and add-ons that may work with Le Potato

Additional Information

Le Potato Libre Computer Board Overview Video