Geekbench benchmark: "La Frite" vs RPi Model 3 B+

You can find the full benchmark results here.

A few notes:

  1. The "La Frite" and the RPi use the same ARM quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU's.
  2. The RPi Model 3 B+ was running Android 8.1 32-bit. The "La Frite" was running Android 8.0 64-bit.
  3. The RPi was equipped with a heatsink and fan. The "La Frite" had just a heatsink. Both CPU's are thermally controlled and will slow down ("throttle down") their CPU clocks if they overheat.
  4. Even though the RPi was running @ 1.4GHz vs the "La Frite" @ 1.2GHz, the "La Frite" had better single-core and multi-core scores. How is that possible? Two reasons:
    • Much better AES performance thanks to Cryptographic Extensions use on the "La Frite".
    • Much better memory performance for the "La Frite" which uses DDR4 whereas the RPi uses LPDDR2.